The annual Wakulla Wildlife Festival will be held Saturday, April 18, 2015 at Wakulla Springs State Park. The festival is a celebration of the area’s wildlife and is intended to be especially inviting for children and the child in everyone. Local music, a Student Art Show (Aspiring Artists), children's activities, outdoor and wildlife exhibitors, and wildlife tours in a neighborhood family atmosphere make the festival an area favorite.


In the fall of 1963 an extraordinary group of men and women from the Big Bend area of North Florida came together to begin to form the Apalachee Audubon Society. Focusing on conservation and working closely with Audubon Florida and National Audubon, its members have joined with like-minded men and women to forge ties with organizations with compatible goals in efforts to protect and preserve the natural environment. The theme of this year’s Wakulla Wildlife Festival is Wings over Wakulla in recognition of the past 50 years of Apalachee Audubon’s conservation efforts at Wakulla Springs and throughout the Big Bend. Apalachee Audubon will be celebrating milestones with additional special tours, presentations and children’s activities at this year’s festival as together we look forward to the next 50 years.



Every festival guest will want to be certain to visit the three sites within the park (The Waterfront Visitors Center, The Dogwood Pavilion, and the Green) which will host entertainment and presentations. Additional fees apply to tours.

The Waterfront Visitors Center

The Waterfront Visitors Center is the embarkation point for tens of thousands of park visitors each year as they enjoy the world-class wildlife viewing tours along the Wakulla River. It is fitting that it will also serve as the site where visitors can examine award-winning art by Wakulla County students.

The Dogwood Pavilion

A small beige building, nestled behind the restrooms and just up the hill from the Waterfront Visitors Center, will host a presentation about the areas magnificent butterflies. Guests can also be captivated by award-winning author and naturalist Susan Cerulean as she reveals the behind-the-scenes notes of her new novel.

The Green (Picnic Area)

The heart of the festival, the Green is the site for friendly and knowledgeable exhibitors, children’s activities, bluegrass music and bird of prey presentations courtesy of St. Francis Wildlife Sanctuary. Bird Banding can be witnessed behind the Concession Building (Restroom location).

The Tours

The festival has premium guided tours available for an extra fee. Please click on TOURS for more information.
Tickets for the world-class wildlife viewing River Boat Tours may be purchased at the Waterfront Visitors Center. The boat tours will begin at 9:40am and conclude with the last boat departing at 5:00pm.
A $6 per vehicle park entrance fee applies.
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