Children’s Activities

The Wakulla Wildlife Festival seeks to fulfill the natural curiosity, imagination, and creativity that is part of every child.  Thanks to the festival’s resourceful exhibitors, children will be able to create arts and crafts, discover through games and activities, and experience close up some of the remarkable wildlife in their own backyards.

At the park’s Kid’s Activities Tent, children can pretend to be their favorite animal by having their faces painted or by coloring their own animal masks.  Additionally, they can play a game to win prizes while discovering some of the animals that live in rivers and streams. 

Other exhibitors will have rehabilitated regional wildlife to see,  outdoor skills to practice, or crafts to create.

Everyone loves the Wakulla Springs Puppet Parade.  The larger-than-life puppets feature wildlife often sighted along the Wakulla River.  They wander among the festival-goers and remind everyone of the remarkable diversity within their fragile ecosystem.

Please take time to circulate and have some fun!