“Edutainment on the Green”

A catbird is ready for release.

“Edutainment on the Green”

8:30 – 10:30 am     The Magic of Bird Banding       Come and go as you please during this two hour attempt to gather information on some of the songbirds at Wakulla Springs.   Meet Jim Cox with Tall Timbers Research Station as he demonstrates bird banding and the information that can only be gathered with a bird in the hand.  Get up close and personal with winged wonders and learn how bird banding has unveiled the mysteries of migration and survival in the avian realm. Meet behind the Concession Building at Wakulla Springs State Park.


11:00 am- 12:00 pm        Tigers in the Sky     There are 230 different owl species on our planet, 19 in North America and 5 in Florida. Three that live year-round in north Florida — the Great Horned, Barn, and Eastern Screech Owls —will help Sandy Beck, education director at the St. Francis Wildlife Association, explain the unique adaptations that enable owls to be spectacular nocturnal hunters as well as specific actions we can take to help protect these fascinating birds. Meet on The Green, Wakulla Springs State Park.


11:45 – 12:30pm        Coon Bottom Creek        Named for a historic North Florida community, Coon Bottom Creek (CBC)Coon Bottom Creeek 2015 plays both traditional bluegrass and the newer styles of acoustic music as well as traditional gospel and spirituals. Coon Bottom Creek is based in Wakulla and Leon counties. They combine strong vocal harmony with tight instrumentation. CBC can be heard at festivals, concerts and a variety of musical events across North Florida and South Georgia. The band features Dennis Hardin on banjo, Daryl Langston on guitar, David Langston on fiddle, and Maria and Mischa Steurer on bass and mandolin, respectively. Everyone sings lead and harmony which gives this band a unique variety on the vocals. See if you can resist the urge to tap your toes to this great local sound. Meet on The Green, Wakulla Springs State Park.


12:30- 12:50pm        Aspiring Artist Awards      Talented young artists from throughout Wakulla County have submitted their best efforts under the theme of “The Spring Sings”. Their art is on display in the Concession area. Come meet the best of the best and recognize their accomplishments. Meet on The Green, Wakulla Springs State Park.


1:00-  1:45pm         Coon Bottom Creek           Coon Bottom Creek returns to serenade the crowd.  Enjoy a hand-packed picnic lunch or purchase your food ready made from the folks of the Lodge at Wakulla Springs.


2:00 – 3:00pm         Talon Talk      Meet seven native birds of prey — two hawks, three owls, a falcon and a kite. St. Francis Wildlife Association’s education director Sandy Beck will share their personal stories, the amazing adaptations that enable them to hunt and survive, the important roles these raptors play in Florida’s ecosystems, and what we can all do to help them. Your heart will soar as you become enraptured with each bird’s unique power and beauty.   Meet on The Green, Wakulla Springs State Park.