2016 Exhibitors

APALACHEE AUDUBON has long advocated creating and maintaining healthy ecosystems for people and wildlife to enjoy both on a public scale and in private backyards.  Be encouraged and inspired to try something new and special in your backyard.  Kids can take part in an activity.  Be sure to wish Apalachee Audubon a happy 50th birthday!



The ST. FRANCIS WILDLIFE ASSOCIATION has been rehabilitating wildlife and providing educational programs in the Tallahassee area since 1978. Each year they receive and care for more than 3500 birds, mammals, and reptiles.  Stop by and learn more about how you can make a difference supporting our area wildlife.


GULF SPECIMEN MARINE LAB has been in the business of researching, reaching out, and recruiting support for the fragile and diverse fishery that lines the shores of the Big Bend for over 50 years.  The facility (located in Panacea) is a “kid magnet”.  With its hands-on exhibits, kids of all ages can’t help but ooh and ahh.  Stop, talk and discover more about the contributions Gulf Specimen has made in medicine, our food supply, and our place on the planet.




Founded in 1994, the FLORIDA WILD MAMMAL ASSOCIATION (FWMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in our North Florida region.  Equally committed to educating the public on wildlife issues, FWMA ambassadors like Doofy the pelican connect with their audiences to encourage better stewardship of the environment and care for their wildlife residents.

Native azaleas

Native azaleas brighten any yard.

THE MAGNOLIA CHAPTER OF THE FLORIDA NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY may be an intimidatingly long name, but its members are friendly and helpful.  And with good reason, they love to share the beauty of the regions wildflowers, shrubs, and trees.  In many cases native plants require less care and water, are more resistant to disease, and provide better habitat for wildlife than those not native to the area.  Take time to enjoy the colorful display and purchase a ‘native’ to take home.


A reenactment of the Battle of Natural Bridge is held at the park every first full weekend in March.


THE TALLAHASSEE – ST. MARKS STATE PARKS AND TRAIL offer diverse outdoor recreational experiences.  If there is an outdoor activity you enjoy, you can probably make it happen at one of the following State Parks: Letchworth-Love Mounds, Lake Talquin, Lake Jackson Mounds, Natural Bridge Battlefield, Econfina River, and San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park.  The Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail stretches from Tallahassee to the gulf.  It is not only a beautiful bicycle trail, but offers several other activities as well.  Stop by, chat, play a game and get to know these beautiful jewels in the crown of Florida State Parks.


THE FRIENDS OF WAKULLA SPRINGS STATE PARK is the Citizen Support Organization for the park.  Membership with the ‘Friends’ keeps you updated with park happennings through quarterly newsletters.  Special events like the Annual Meeting and Fall Beach Bash present opportunities to enjoy the park as few guests get a chance to.   Stop by to find out what you’re missing out on.


Let the FWC – BLACK BEAR MANAGEMENT Team take the mystery out of the Florida Black Bear.  Touch a bear hide, examine telemetry gear, and ask questions that will help you live with and enjoy Florida’s Black Bear.


Baby Gopher Tortoise

Learn about Gopher tortoises with the FWC – GOPHER TORTOISE PROGRAM!  Get up close and personal with real gopher tortoises and gopher tortoise artifacts.  Discover why this keystone species is so important to the survival of hundreds of others.  Get involved in efforts to conserve this locally-found threatened wildlife species.


The DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE is an organization dedicated to assisting people better coexist with wildlife and the habitats that support them.  Learn about how you can symbolically adopt wildlife or just get helpful hints about how to live with black bears.  These friendly folks will have some give-away items to share if you stop by to chat.

Florida Trail Association Hiker

It’s always a good day on the Florida Trail!


If you want to enjoy some of the finest and most diverse outdoor hiking experiences Florida offers, then you want to get to know the members of the APALACHEE CHAPTER OF THE FLORIDA TRAIL ASSOCIATION.  Pitcher plant bogs, palm cathedrals, and karst wonderlands are just a few of the amazing natural features to which the Apalachee Chapter can expose you.  Get outdoors and become part of the fun!


The BIG BEND SIERRA CLUB is all about “exploring, enjoying, and protecting the wild places of the earth”.  Meet like-minded people who enjoy getting out into the wild places near you.


The HAIRSTREAK CHAPTER OF THE NORTH AMERICAN BUTTERFLY ASSOCIATION is a must stop for those intent on learning more about identifying, photographing, and protecting the butterflies in the Florida Panhandle region.  The Chapter has field trips to local areas to find and photograph butterflies. Its members can also talk to you about attracting butterflies into your backyard.  Let the friendly folks of the Hairstreak Chapter share their enthusiasm about the area’s beautiful butterflies with you and find out how you can help reverse the decline of the Monarch butterfly population.