The Wakulla Wildlife Festival is April 15, 2017 at Wakulla Springs State Park (Point B on the map). Activities takes place in the Dogwood Pavilion and on the festival grounds (The Green) located within the park’s picnic area.  The festival accentuates the diverse, rare, and compelling wildlife of Wakulla Springs State Park and the surrounding region.

We hope festival guests will experience the other natural wonders within the area.  Fishing, kayaking, hiking, and bicycling are just a few of the outdoor activities easily accessed.  Comfortable lodging puts you within easy reach of all the magnificent coastal sunsets, seaside aquatic splendor, seafood delicacies, whispering pinelands, and more.  Please use the map to explore this little piece of paradise as you create your own lasting memories.


Approximate Travel Times to Highlighted Locations:

From Downtown Tallahassee

Best Western Plus                                 35 Minutes
Bald Point State Park                           70 Minutes
Gulf Specimen Marine Lab                  50 Minutes
Inn at Wildwood                                    35 Minutes

River Sinks Tract                                   15 Minutes
Ochlocknee River State Park              60 Minutes

Otter Lake                                               50 Minutes

T-n-T Canoes                                           37 Minutes

St. Mark’s Refuge                                   45 Minutes

Shell Point                                               50 Minutes
Wakulla Springs State Park                 25 Minutes


From Wakulla Springs

Best Western Plus                                 16 Minutes
Bald Point State Park                            40Minutes
Gulf Specimen Marine Lab                  30 Minutes
Inn at Wildwood                                    15 Minutes

River Sinks Tract                                    15 Minutes
Ochlocknee River State Park              35 Minutes

Otter Lake                                               30 Minutes

T-n-T Canoes                                           12 Minutes

St. Mark’s Refuge                                   20 Minutes

Shell Point                                               30 Minutes